5 reasons why you should use Jiffy® peat products!

1. Jiffy peat products are typically cheaper than their plastic counterparts. [more…]

2. Faster transplanting due to the fact that you no longer need to remove the plants from their pots in order to replant it. [more…]

3. Virtually no transplant shock because the root system is disturbed less during transplanting, and the tops are less likely to be damaged as well. This results in faster overall growth, and healthier plants. [more…]

4. Biodegradable. You no longer have the need to store, clean, sterilize, and replace weak plastic pots. [more…]

5. With pellets you eliminate root girdling, and with proper spacing you achieve natural root pruning. [more…]

6. With Jiffy’s® new line of cow pots, you are providing natural fertilizer to the roots as the pot breaks down after transplanting. [more…]



Getting the most out of your Jiffy® peat pots!

1. When transplanting Jiffy® peat pots, take care to remove or bury the rim of your peat pots so that the rim does not act as a wick to dry out them out. If this occurs it will prevent your Jiffy peat pot from degrading as quickly, and reduce the plant roots ability to grow into it’s new environment.

2. Water from the bottom when possible. Peat pots and peat pellets are perfect for bottom watering systems. Bottom watering also reduces the risk of becoming infected with many foliage and stem bacteria and fungi. As a side note, you should excercise caution when bottom watering, not to keep the peat pots and pellets continually soggy, as this can weaken the plants defenses, and increase the risk of your plants succumbing to a root or intravascular disease.