5 reasons why you should use Jiffy® peat products!

1. Jiffy peat products are typically cheaper than their plastic counterparts.

Comparing identically size pots, Jiffy peat pots can purchased for as much as 50% of the cost of traditional plastic pots.

2. Faster transplanting due to the fact that you no longer need to remove the plants from their pots in order to replant it.

For professional growers time is money. Whether you’re transplanting 1000 plants or 10,000, a small savings in time per transplant plus less cleanup time can add up to significant savings immediately. For hobby growers time spent may not be as important. But for hobbyist, the simplicity and ease of using Jiffy peat pellets or Jiffy peat pots can turn the hard work part of your hobby into a more enjoyable past-time.

3. Virtually no transplant shock because the root system is disturbed less during transplanting, and the tops are less likely to be damaged as well. This results in faster overall growth, and healthier plants.

Plants can take up several weeks to recover from transplant shock, which is primarily caused by disturbing the root system. During this recovery time plant growth is slowed nearly to a halt. With Jiffy peat products you can reduce and even eliminate the ill effects of transplant shock.

4. Biodegradable. You no longer have the need to store, clean, sterilize, and replace weak plastic pots.

Reducing your use of plastics and chemicals to keep those plastics clean and disease free is always a smart move. Besides being able to promote your plants as grown with environmentally friendly practices, it can often be an economically sound decision from a standpoint of time(as previously discussed), and in maintenance costs.

5. With Jiffy pellets you eliminate root girdling, and with proper spacing you achieve natural root pruning.

When roots grow out of the peat pellets and are exposed to air, the tips of the root die, and further back along the root, it begins to branch out. This means that rather than having girdling roots and stunted plants, you end up with well branched healthy plants.

6. With Jiffy’s® new line of cow pots, you are providing natural fertilizer to the roots as the pot breaks down after transplanting.

These odor free pots made from fully composted cow manure provide natural fertilizer, and soil conditioning compounds to your transplant location. An excellent environmentally friendly addition to your growing arsenal.